1. A student who 
    a) has transferred to the College from another institution;
    b) is repeating a year of study;
    c) is on academic probation;
    d) has changed their programme of study;
    e) has resumed study from suspension or after an overseas exchange programme; or
    f) is on exchange programme
    may have to follow a different curriculum and/or four-year study plan. He/she is advised to consult his/her Programme Coordinator for details.
  2. A four-year study plan for each academic programme is included in the respective Programme Handbook. Due to actual distribution of resources, the study plans may vary slightly from the version released. For the updated version(s), please click on the right.

Programme Handbook

Revised Study Plan



Division of Business and Management


Accounting Programme


Applied Economics Programme


Cultural Industries Management Programme

Study plan 2010 CIM_revised

Finance Programme


Management of Human Resources Programme




Division of Humanities and Social Sciences


Applied Translation Studies Programme

Study plan 2012 ATS_revised

Cinema and Television Programme


Government and International Relations Programme

Study plan 2010 GIR_revised

International Journalism Programme


Public Relations and Advertising Programme


Social Work and Social Administration Programme


Teaching English as a Second Language Programme




Division of Science and Technology


Applied Psychology Programme

Study plan_2010 AP_revised

Computer Science and Technology Programme

Study plan_2010 CST_revised

Environmental Science Programme

Study plan_2010 ES_revised

Food Science and Technology Programme

Study plan_2010 FST_revised

Statistics Programme

Study plan_2010 Statistics_revised


* This version is correct at the time of printing which is subject to change. Any subsequent revisions will be shown in the latest version which can be accessed by this link.