During its course of development, Beijing Normal University–Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) takes great pride in realizing the ideals of “Whole Person Education” and “Liberal Arts Education,” advancing the cause of higher education, fostering internationalization and enhancing cultural diversity on campus.

Sustaining the time-honored tradition of the Hong Kong Baptist University, the UIC Honorary Fellowship was set up in 2012 to honor distinguished individuals with extraordinary contributions to society and for their support of the College.  The coming of age of the UIC Honorary Fellowship mirrors the public recognition of UIC, which in the past decade has steadily marched on its path to a well-established liberal arts college in China.

In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person” is the motto of UIC.  The core essence of UIC’s liberal arts education is to disseminate in curriculum and pedagogy the merits of the tradi- tional and contemporary values from both Western liberal arts education and Chinese culture.  The pursuit of knowledge with an inquisitive mind serves ultimately as a means to nurturing a person of integrity and social responsibility.  The realization of a Whole Person marks a painstaking journey made possible by an unquenchable thirst for truth and knowledge.  This odyssey of self-fulfillment is a salute to the truth of life only to be achieved by individuals with a will to action and perseverance.

While the UIC Honorary Fellows are from all walks of life, they share the same ethos in their relentless striving for professional excellence and dedication to the continued wellbeing of society.  These attributes resonate with the College’s motto, which pronounces its vision and mission as a liberal arts institution.  The Honorary Fellows serve as role models to UIC students to emulate in their commitment to excellence and service.

Since 2012, UIC has annually presented Honorary Fellowships to four to five outstanding individuals of high esteem.  As of 2016, 30 distinguished individuals have been conferred Honorary Fellowships in recognition of their significant contributions to the community and the College.