Institute for Communication Studies of Chinese Culture(ICSCC) was officially unveiled and established on Dec 9th, 2016. Prof. Jialu XU, who is a famous scholar and the former vice chairman of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, serves as the Director of ICSCC, and Prof. Ng Ching-Fai, who was the President of UIC serves as Executive Associate Director.

Jiepaiyishi 2

Unveiling ceremony of ICSCC in December,2016

ICSCC, which is an academic institution established under the guidance of UIC’s internationalized education development strategy, is devoted to promoting the revival and renascence of cultural roots, and serves the development and enrichment of Chinese culture, based on the contemporary social condition of China. ICSCC disseminates Chinese culture to the world and enhances the international influence of Chinese culture, serving for the enhancement of Chinese soft power and the shaping of China's national image.

ICSCC utilizes UIC as a base to carry out high-level academic research and cultural practice targeting all college students and citizens in Zhuhai, studying the local history of Zhuhai, as well as activating its historical and cultural resources. The Institute also highlights Zhuhai as the “gateway” position in presenting China to the world, while playing a role of a powerful cultural and intellectual support for the new era development strategy of Zhuhai that intends to develop the city into an international, eco-civilized city.

ICSCC will fully utilize the favorable position next to HK and Macau, creating a steady cultural centripetal force and cohesion to promote the identity and inheritance of Chinese culture, and positively cultivate international talents with both patriotism and traditional cultural quality, while striving for promotion of the overall renascence of Chinese culture.

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Unveiling ceremony of ICSCC in December,2016