Appendix: UIC Visual Identity System




Rules for UIC's Visual Identity Standard


I. General Rules

Article 1  The rules standardise the usage and management of the Visual Identity Standard of Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (hereinafter referred to as “UIC”), in order to establish and maintain a good image of the College.

Article 2  UIC Visual Identity Standard includes the college logo (emblem plus name), motto in addition to other visuals. It shall apply to office supplies and decorations of the College as well as its subordinate academic, research and administrative units.

Article 3  All the academic, research and administrative units shall follow the rules for the Visual Identity Standard for all external and internal communications.


II. Visual Identity Standard


Article 4  The Visual Identity Standard consists of the Standard Logo Usage and the Application. The Standard Logo Usage includes the college logo (emblem plus name), motto, standard colours, typeface and their combinations. The Application refers to all the office supplies, documents, meeting supplies, decorations and other applications using the Standard Logo Usage.

Article 5  Designed by the Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong, the college emblem is made up of the repeated “UIC” letters in the UIC blue and green. UIC are the initials of United International College. The UIC blue and green colours refer to the old Chinese saying that “Qing (or green) evolves from blue, yet excels blue.” It is hoped that the College will excel its co-founders, Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University, by inheriting and further developing their excellent traditions.

Article 6  The primary colours of the college emblem are:
UIC blue - C93 M45 Y0 K0 (CMYK) / R0 G117 B188 (RGB) / pantone300CVC (Pantone);
UIC green - C87 M37 Y65 K0 (CMYK) / R6 G129 B111 (RGB) / pantone3288CVC (Pantone).

Article 7  The UIC logo consists of the college emblem and its name in standard grouping ways.

Article 8  The combination of the UIC emblem and name shall apply three standard grouping ways: the college emblem with the college name in Chinese, the college emblem with the college name in English, as well as the college emblem with the college name in both Chinese and English. Each grouping way has two versions: a distinct horizontal structure and a vertical structure. Grouping the UIC logo and the title of any of its subordinate organisation shall apply the Visual Identity Guidelines.

Article 9  “In knowledge and in deeds, unto the whole person” is the UIC motto. Its Chinese version shall use the font of 方正大标宋体, while the official typeface of its English version shall be Adobe Caslon Pro Bold.

Article 10  The Application of the Visual Identity Standardcan be categorised as the following four types:
1) administration system,
    including business cards, envelopes, letter papers, table cards and others;
2) multi-media office system,
    including templates of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and others;
3) environmental system, 
    including campus signs, doorplates and others;
and 4) others,
    including other situations that shall apply the Visual Identity Standard.


III. Visual Identity Standard Administration


Article 11 Authorised by the College, the Media and Public Relations Office takes charge of routine management on the Visual Identity Standard. The responsibilities include:
1)  creating and promoting the UIC Visual Identity Guidelines,
2)  managing and maintaining the website of the Visual Identity Standard,
and 3)  managing and supervising the use of the Visual Identity Standard, as well as keeping the application of the Visual Identity Standard and the brand of the College consistent.


IV. Terms of Use of UIC Visual Identity Standard


Article 12  The Standard Logo Usage is fundamental to the Visual Identity Standard and shall not be changed by any individual or organisation in any way without permission. Unauthorised revisions on the college emblem, typefaces, colours as well as the combination of the emblem and name are prohibited.

Article 13   For business purposes, any of the college’s academic, research and administrative units as well as individuals shall seek authorisation from the Media and Public Relations Office to use UIC Visual Identity Standard. Except the Media and Public Relations Office, no units or individuals are entitled to authorise the use of UIC Visual Identity Standard.

Article 14  Without permission, external organisations and individuals have no rights to produce or use items with UIC Visual Identity Standard.

Article 15  UIC is entitled to require any organisations or individuals who misuse UIC Visual Identity Standard, to stop using and remove the wrong items. If their conduct results in severe negative impact on UIC, they shall be held accountable for their conduct in accordance with the law.


V. Supplementary Articles


Article 16  These rules shall go into effect from the date of release.


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